Brand Activation

Invitation Design

Invitations have come a long way from the 10 pack with lines for you to write the party details in. We can help with everything from your son’s 1st birthday party to your year end function. We ensure a custom design unique to your needs!

Storage and Maintenance of Branding

We store branded items to prevent the loss of items. We clean and maintain branded items after each event. You will also be given a report after each event on damaged / dirty / stolen / lost branded items that either needs to be repaired, cleaned or replaced.

Event Planning

We create programs that address the purpose, message or impression that the organization or client is trying to communicate. We also do budgeting, establish timelines, select and reserve the event sites, planning food and develop a theme etc.

Branding Set Up and Break Down

We will be responsible for the set-up, breakdown and general support for the event and branding.


We have a wide variety of Portable Photography units. A photo pod is a great way of entertaining guests at an event or occasion.

Infographic Design

We can help you combine the visual impact of data presentations, maps and signs in one compelling graphic that is precise and clear. Communicate efficiently with an infographic.

Professional Photography

We can photograph guests and occurrences at any event or occasion.