Indoor Branding

Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are free-standing, transport-friendly masters of mobility. Pull up banners can create a professional presence. This is a popular signage solution for events, trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, and conferences.

Banner Walls

Banner walls offer versatility and a large surface area for eye-catching branding and visuals. Banner walls can be assembled, tool-free, in minutes, which makes them ideal for trade shows, presentations, press briefings and product launches.

Exhibition Systems

A structure used at an exhibition for showing pictures and examples of a company’s products, and where sales people can talk to customers about their products.

Fabric Frames

Fabric Frames are used in a wide variety of applications or locations, including: Trade Shows, Convention Centres, Malls, Coffee Shops, Museums, Fashion Boutiques etc.

Fabric Light Boxes

Light boxes can have a strong and positive impact on existing and potential customers. Whether they are used in a retail storefront, for restaurant menu, for stretch ceilings, light boxes have specific design requirements that take into account the effect of the light on colours and the amount of light on the environment.

Directors Chairs

Custom branded Directors Chairs are great additions to any exhibition or event setup. Your chair is water proof and highly durable. Both comfortable and eye-catching, branded Directors Chairs are great for indoor and outdoor exhibitions, client roadshows, golf days and other events.


The X Banner is a simple, easy to use, lightweight and very economical banner. Ideal for use in retail outlets, shopping malls. Particularly useful where portability is a requirement. The X banner is available in various sizes.