Road Signs

Pylon Signage posts are a good way to get your business noticed. A Pylon sign is a relatively tall sign advertising structure at the side of a shop, gate, bridge, or business avenue.

Fabricated Signs

This custom made signage option gives a unique look and feel for any business. You can play around with logo and font types, fit the sign with LED modules to give visual perspective and visibility. Different types of materials can also be used the main material is plexiglass as it conforms easily.

Light Boxes

Light boxes can have a strong and positive impact on existing and potential customers. Whether they are used in a retail storefront, for restaurant menu, for stretch ceilings or for big outdoor signage, light boxes have specific design requirements that take into account the effect of the light on colours and the amount of light on the environment.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding/wrapping is one of the most cutting edge and exciting developments in recent times.  It offers an almost unrivaled advertising opportunity and attracts attention where ever your vehicle goes.

Windows & Shop Fronts

Turn your office window or shop front into an attractive advertising space, that enhances your brand or product.


Typically placed around high traffic areas (both automotive and foot traffic), billboards are meant to be simple, striking, and creative.

ABS Signs

ABS is popular for safety signs, information signs, shelving signs, cut out lettering, stencils. You can print directly onto ABS or overlay it with vinyl print or cut out lettering.